In my practice I blend four types of support into one seamless, integrated whole:


Each kind of support compliments and enhances all of the others.

As a result, when we work together we’ll be aiming for a level of healing far beyond what could be achieved by one type of support or therapy alone.

Here’s some more detail about the four kinds of support I integrate into my practice, and what you can expect when we work together:

Herbal Medicines for a person, not a symptom

Herbal Medicines

When we work together you won’t be given standardised, ‘by-the-book’ formulas of herbs for a particular set of symptoms.

Instead, you’ll receive bespoke prescriptions of hand-made, organic, biodynamic or wild-crafted herbal medicines, carefully tailored to match your individual constitution and symptoms.

These herbal prescriptions will take into account your symptoms but also the patterns of your medical history, your age, psychoemotional health, body type, and anything else that’s an important aspect of who you are.

Because of that, you won’t get the same prescription as someone else with the same symptoms as you.

You’ll get a balanced formula of healing herbs that reflects the nuances and characteristics that make you a wonderfully individual human being.

Medicinal herbs are nature’s most gentle yet powerful healing agents. They will nourish and strengthen your body, mind and spirit while also instigating profound healing and change.

By working on such a deep level and in harmony with your body’s natural processes, herbs will help you achieve improvements to your health that will be sustained – and may even continue to develop – long after you finish taking them.

Dietary Guidance that’s as individual as you are


Are you confused about what represents the perfect diet?

If so, I don’t blame you.

Mediterranean, paleo, low-FODMAP, vegan, vegetarian, ‘clean’ eating – how to choose? And what about all those supplements out there? It can feel completely overwhelming.

The truth is, there’s no such thing as the perfect diet. There’s only the right diet for you, right now.

The hard part can be figuring out what that diet actually is, without some help. And that’s where I come in!

My approach draws on a wealth of knowledge and wisdom – from Chinese and Indian systems of dietary healing developed over many thousands of years, to cutting-edge research into the gut microbiome.

I don’t just draw on one dietary philosophy, but utilise many different approaches, both ancient and modern. Plus my experience of helping many people over the years, of seeing what helps and what doesn’t.

As we work towards finding the right diet for you, we’ll take into account your symptoms and your wider health, your age, your likes and dislikes, your ethical choices, your intuition, the season of the year, as well as your lifestyle and financial means.

The result will be a diet composed through careful collaboration, and matched to you as a unique individual rather than the latest trend.

And the right diet for you isn’t set in stone – it will change with the seasons and as you move through life. From our work together you’ll gain the confidence and tools to keep things flexible in the years ahead.

A Lifestyle that meets your deepest needs


What does your heart most yearn for?

Rest or exercise? City bustle, or time with trees? Human connection, or cool solitude?

Even at the best of times it can be difficult to find a lifestyle that works for us. When we’re struggling with our health, not only can meeting our needs seem like an impossible quest, but figuring out what our needs even are can feel beyond us. Just getting through each day can be challenging enough.

In our work together, you’ll have the time and space to explore and get clarity on what you really need from life right now.

We’ll consider the barriers that might prevent you from meeting your needs, and formulate a lifestyle plan that’s achievable, meaningful, and full of the right things to help you heal.

But we won’t stop there.

As well as supporting you to achieve and maintain better health, we’ll look beyond your symptoms and work towards establishing a lifestyle that will help you to continue to grow and develop into the future.

Whether it’s learning to meditate, getting more sleep and rest, or finding time to play that kazoo you always dreamed about, we’ll identify what you need and find ways to help you get it.

The Relationship Is Healing


In today’s scary and disconnected world, trying to improve your health can be desperately lonely and frustrating.

It’s easy to feel like people don’t understand, don’t have the time, or already have enough of their own problems without you adding yours to the pile.

But you’ve got so much you want to talk about and discuss, and a deep need for someone who can listen, understand and empathise – with compassion but without judgement.

You’re also looking for someone who has the knowledge and skills to help you make sense of your symptoms. Someone with a wealth of experience of helping people in similar situations to you, who’ll work with you to plot a clear and steady course towards better health.

And I would love to have the opportunity to be that person for you!

When we work together, I’ll give you the time and space to tell your story and be truly heard.

We’ll create a safe and supportive relationship to help you explore how you feel and develop your understanding of your health.

I’ll provide the support you need when there are forks and bumps in the road, and I’ll stick by you even when times are tough.

And because we’ll work as a partnership with a shared goal – of improving your health – your ideas and opinions will be just as important as mine.

Through the healing of relationship, I’ll help you discover renewed optimism and greater resilience to embrace the joys and challenges of a full life.

Tim believed in me more than I believed in myself and gave me confidence that I could get well again.

When l first discovered Tim’s website, l was at rock bottom. My personal life was at a very low point and the resulting stress had reactivated glandular fever. l was suffering from depression, migraines and many other stress-related symptoms.

Tim was very easy to talk to, l could tell him things l couldn’t even tell my best friend! He is someone you feel safe with. I found that just talking things through, though painful, released some of the stress and while l couldn’t expect Tim to sort out the problems in my life, he invented ways for me to cope with what life was throwing at me. Amongst other things, he suggested that l try meditation, something l wasn’t that keen on but hey! You try anything if you want to get better! I found that it actually helped me relax enough to get to sleep, another area l was struggling with.

The herbs Tim prescribed have been extremely effective, and as a result my health has improved in a way l wouldn’t have thought possible! The glandular fever symptoms have gone, as have my headaches, indigestion and period problems, and migraines are now extremely rare.

I have really enjoyed learning about flower remedies with Tim, and I’m amazed how they have helped to balance my emotions.

l would recommend Tim to anyone who has health problems and would like to get a better quality of life. I am so thankful that l took the plunge and contacted him. It’s resulted in a very interesting journey back to good health.

– Client

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