Are you trying to improve your health?

It can be so difficult.

With so many options and opinions out there, it can feel impossible to know which direction to take or who to trust.

You can end up feeling stuck, and that’s a lonely place to be.

Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone who can filter out the noise, and help you focus on what will actually get you feeling well again?

And to have them accompany you all the way there?

You don’t have to do this alone.

In my herbalist practice in Edinburgh, I can help you get clarity on the root causes of your symptoms, and work with you to develop a comprehensive and effective strategy to get you feeling well, and staying well.

I can help you focus on the things you really need to feel better, while helping you identify and avoid the things you don’t. I’ll share my expertise from years of helping many people with similar symptoms to you, and I’ll stick by you – all the way – through the joys and challenges of the journey back to health.

Your health problems deserve specialist treatment.

Often when we see therapists there’s a sense that they don’t quite know enough about what we’re experiencing or how to help us. Sometimes we may see some improvements, and we may feel a little better for a while. But important areas of our circumstances are often left unexamined, and we may not see the sustained improvements in our health that we were hoping for.

Working with me is very different.

Unlike most practitioners, I specialise in helping people with particular health concerns. Rather than a generic, one-size-fits-all approach with only superficial knowledge, ​I offer expert guidance and treatment for a small range of conditions.

Consequently, if your symptoms are in my areas of specialism then it’s very likely I’ll be able to help you achieve the improvements you’re looking for, and perhaps even go beyond what you imagined was possible.

To begin with I was pretty skeptical, having tried so many things before and got nowhere. I hoped it wouldn’t be more money wasted.

But it quickly became clear that Tim’s approach was genuinely different. For one thing, it was crazily comprehensive, covering every aspect of my health that might be relevant, but in a way that felt gentle and measured and at a pace that was just right for me. I felt so well supported.

I’d struggled for years with poor health and had gone through every conceivable NHS test, as well as lots of alternative therapies, but nothing really helped until I started working with Tim.

– Lukas Sawa

The conditions I specialise in treating are

Psychoemotional Challenges

such as stress, depression, and anxiety

Digestive Problems

such as IBS, gut dysbiosis, and food intolerances

Sleep Difficulties

such as chronic or short-term insomnia


such as CFS/ME, burnout, and fibromyalgia

Herbal medicines and so much more…

Herbs are incredible. They help us improve and maintain our health in the most wonderful ways, while also being safe to use and generally free of side-effects. They are the foundation of my practice.

But amazing as herbs are, the most profound transformations occur when we combine herbal medicines with a spectrum of other changes and healing strategies.

By giving attention to all of the relevant areas of your life, and creating a deeply compassionate and supportive healing partnership, we’ll create lasting improvements that would be impossible from just taking herbs alone.

When we work together

we’ll explore and focus on these four vitally important areas

Herbal Medicines

Bespoke prescription of locally grown, hand-made, organic and foraged herbs


Individually tailored guidance, focusing on healing foods and vibrant ferments


A joined-up approach to what you need to nourish your body, mind and soul


A safe space to tell your story, and a trusted partner in health


I’m Tim Robinson.

I’m a person-centred herbalist in Edinburgh.

Since 2014 I’ve been helping people to meet and exceed their health goals, and supporting them to find the tools they need to keep growing and thriving in the years ahead.

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I’m Tim Robinson.

I’m a person-centred herbalist in Edinburgh.

Since 2014 I’ve been helping people to meet and exceed their health goals, and supporting them to find the tools they need to keep growing and thriving in the years ahead.

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My two ‘no risk’ guarantees

I know that starting a new treatment can feel incredibly risky, like throwing money at a problem and hoping some of it sticks.

To reduce that feeling of risk as much as I can, I offer you my two ‘no risk’ guarantees:

No risk guarantee #1

If after the initial consultation process you decide that you no longer wish to continue working with me, just let me know why you’ve changed your mind and I’ll happily waive my entire fee. I’ll even recommend some other practitioners that may be better placed to help you.

No risk guarantee #2

If after 2 months of treatment you’re not experiencing any benefits at all from working with me, I’ll happily refund all of the money you’ve paid me up to that point. And again, I’ll recommend some other practitioners that may be more suitable for you.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

Just an insurance policy for you that hopefully makes deciding to work with me a little easier.


I was entirely new to Herbal Medicine before working with Tim, and he made it so beautifully accessible.

Tim has genuinely helped me slow down in the way that my body had been telling me I needed to for too long. He gave me the permission I needed to step away from my professional clinical persona and recognise myself as a whole person once again—now attuned with my body’s needs.

It felt like a long time since I had been ‘heard’ from a medical perspective, and Tim allowed me the voice I had been searching for. He was incredibly flexible with his approach too, which made it so easy to collaborate with him during one of the busiest times of my life.

I now recommend Tim to my clients and friends! Sometimes we need to step back from a ‘medical’ perspective and back into a ‘health’ perspective, and I think Tim does this seamlessly.

– Ruth

So, what’s next?

Let’s talk!

Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your current health concerns. It’s easy to do. Simply complete the form below and I’ll reply quickly.

Or you can call me - my phone number is 07811 112052.

I’m excited about working with you and accompanying you on your journey towards better health!