One of the first things you’ll notice about working with me is that our initial meeting is much longer and more thorough than you’ll probably have experienced before.

We’ll meet for 2 hours, after which I’ll spend a third hour writing to you with all of my recommendations, ideas and suggestions to help kickstart your recovery journey.

That’s 3 hours in total.

Your symptoms and your life.

The first 2 hours of the initial consultation are our time together.

During the 2 hours you’ll have the space to tell your story, perhaps more fully than ever before. This is often the first step towards healing.

From there, we’ll examine your symptoms in detail, and discuss any medication you’re taking. We’ll explore your medical history, and tour all the systems of your body – from your digestion to your skin – identifying areas where things are working especially well or potentially needing some support. This will help me to identify the patterns and root causes behind your symptoms.

Then we’ll look at your diet, and perhaps spend some time discussing your occupation, your interests, the things in your life that bring you joy and where you’re at in your life at the moment. We may even talk about the concept of High Sensitivity – an important area for many of the people I work with. 

At the end of the 2 hours I’ll prepare your first bespoke herbal prescription, and then you’ll get to go home, perhaps feeling a bit tired from such a thorough discussion, but hopefully also feeling optimistic and nourished from having had my complete attention for 2 hours, focusing on nothing but you.

Perhaps it will be the first time that’s happened to you, and that in itself can be a healing experience.

Putting it all together.

The third and final hour of the initial consultation is my time to study what we’ve discussed and do some deep thinking about your circumstances.

I’ll review everything we talked about and send you an extremely comprehensive email outlining all of my thoughts, ideas and suggestions, as well as details of all the herbs in your first prescription.

This email will help us reflect on your circumstances and explore your options, to ensure we start out on the right track. Additionally, having a written record of my initial suggestions makes it easy for you to refer back to them later, as treatment progresses.

Ongoing support.

Your follow-up consultations will last for 1 hour, and in the early stages of treatment we’ll probably meet every 2 weeks. As treatment progresses and a pattern of healing is established, we may not need to meet as regularly – perhaps every 3 or 4 weeks instead.

During our sessions together we’ll continue to build on the foundation we laid during the initial consultation.

However, we won’t be working to an agenda or prescriptive plan. We’ll always keep a close eye on your symptoms, the changes you’re experiencing from taking the herbs, and your diet and lifestyle, but the shape of each session will be largely determined by what you bring to it.

We might focus on how you’ve been feeling, the ideas you’re pondering, what you’ve been working on since our last session, or something else entirely. Our sessions will be adaptable and very much directed by what you need in the moment.

The one certainty and constant throughout will be my supportive presence – listening deeply, empathising compassionately, and encouraging you gently.

Every step of the way.

Between consultations, you’re not forgotten.

At times you may wish to contact me between consultations, and just so there are no unexpected costs, email contact is included in your face-to-face consultation fee.

Chatting via email can be an important way to bounce around ideas, feelings and thoughts, especially if changes are occurring rapidly and you’re trying to make sense of a range of new experiences.

I’ll respond to your emails quickly and fully because it’s really important to me that you feel held between consultations. You’ll continue to have my full support even after you leave my consulting room.


Consultation£55 per hour
Herbal Medicines£6 per week
Person-Centred Health Package
(includes the 3-hour initial consultation,
 2 follow-up consultations and all prescribed herbs)

The initial barrier in deciding to work with Tim was definitely the price.

I thought that it would be a big financial commitment as his consultations are meant to be on a regular basis. However, I soon realised that both consultations and herbs have been incredibly beneficial. Since our first session, my overall mental and physical health have improved drastically.

I have found a true professional that really listens to my problems and health issues. He does not have a ‘one solution fits all’ mentality; he takes all the necessary time to understand all problems, the ones on the surface and those deep down. In just a few weeks my anxiety faded and my stomach pain has completely disappeared!

The biggest benefit to me has been the consultations. I have done years of psychotherapy. They have definitely worked but not like the sessions I have with Tim. He tackles both the mind and the body, his holistic approach is what, in my opinion, makes the journey with him truly effective and useful.

I’ve also liked that he is always available; I know that if I am having a hard time I can drop Tim an email and he will be there. Also, he explains everything in detail, and is always available for clarifications and tips.

I absolutely recommend him!! He is so attentive and caring, I have found no other health professional to be so meticulous.

Tim is just fantastic, and I am so grateful to have crossed paths.

– Petra S.

My two ‘no risk’ guarantees

I know that starting a new treatment can feel incredibly risky, like throwing money at a problem and hoping some of it sticks.

I want to reduce that feeling of risk for you, as much as I can.

Therefore, if your symptoms or diagnosis fall under my areas of specialism, I offer you my two ‘no risk’ guarantees:

No risk guarantee #1

If after the initial consultation process you decide that you don’t want to continue working with me, just let me know why you’ve changed your mind and I’ll happily waive my entire fee. I’ll even recommend some other practitioners that may be better placed to help you.

No risk guarantee #2

If after 2 months of treatment you’re not experiencing any benefits at all from working with me, I’ll happily refund all of the money you’ve paid me up to that point. And again, I’ll recommend some other practitioners that may be more suitable for you.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

Just an insurance policy for you that hopefully makes deciding to work with me a little easier.


I am an LGBTQIA+ affirmative practitioner, meaning that I respect, value and welcome the entire landscape of relationship styles, gender identities/expressions, and sexualities to my practice. (I identify as non-binary/trans & pansexual, and use they/them pronouns.)

I also welcome people of every race, ethnicity, neurodiversity, faith/non-faith, class, size/shape, age and nationality. Understanding the ways in which these intersections influence the health of the people I support is a fundamental aspect of my work.


My practice is located on the first floor of an old building, accessed by a wide staircase. Unfortunately there is no lift in the building, so if this means my practice is not accessible for you, let’s discuss whether phone or online consultations may work for you instead.


My Edinburgh consulting room is a beautiful, calm and tranquil space in the grand old building that is Reception Business Centre, 21 Lansdowne Crescent, Edinburgh. It’s a central location close to Haymarket train station.

So, what’s next?

Let’s talk!

Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your current health concerns. It’s easy to do. Simply complete the form below and I’ll reply quickly.

    Or you can call me - my phone number is 07811 112052.

    I’m excited about working with you and accompanying you on your journey towards better health!